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All-over-IP 2018


Security and IT vendors often tell us: we don't need new sales leads, we've already grown a large database, how do we convert leads into customers?”

To stress this idea is the All-over-IP Team, and here its answer: “The idea behind All-over-IP, to be held for the 11th time in Moscow on Nov 21-23, 2018, is to create centers of excellence together with global brands to guide local sales partners and end-users to innovation across trending technology topics. Such a focused conversation is the key to engage the market, build stronger relationships with highly motivated professionals and convert them into customers more efficiently”.

What outcome you should expect?
1. You will highlight your brand difference and value.
2. You will target designated groups of sales partners and end-users.
3. You will encourage your traditional market to explore your technology.
4. You will open up new markets.
5. You will linger in your potential customers' minds for half a year, not three days.
6. You will connect with your visitors at a deeper level vs. speed networking with no continuation.
7. You will never overspend. In fact, a limited budget will lead you to overall positive ROI.

The show registered 4496 attendees in 2017 (up from 3866 in 2016) over the three days, new visitors accounted for 66%.

by the Editorial Staff


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