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Euralarm: Annual Report 2018-2019


Euralarm released its Annual Report 2018-2019. The period was a year of change for Euralarm. With a new President, Board, General Director and sections leaders in place and the final integration of the extinguishing section in the overall structure, the association is ready for moving forwards into the future. 

The annual report covers the period running between the General Assemblies of the association. The report follows the structure of Euralarm, with every section and technical committee of the association summarising their activities over the previous year and, where appropriate, providing forecasts and plans for the future.

A running theme of the report is Euralarm’s work on building strategic alliances. Throughout the annual report the activities of the Euralarm sections underline the importance and necessity of co-operation in the fire safety and security business. It ensures that Euralarm’s voice is heard in Brussels both on the political and the standardisation side.

New technologies, changes in the macro economic environment, the new EU parliament and the reshaping of the international landscape will give Euralarm challenges and opportunities. Against this background it is important for Euralarm to create wide acknowledgement among European politicians and policy makers and to keep these and other relevant stakeholders involved in the industry. Communication is the key word here.

Over the 2018-2019 period Euralarm also testifies of an ongoing growth in membership with Eaton Electrical Products Ltd and Halma plc as new members of the Fire Section. This continuous growth, in line with the trend of the previous years, is as a sign of trust in Euralarm, its organisation, vision and strategy, which are all detailed in the report. The new report can be downloaded from the Euralarm website: Euralarm represents the electronic fire and security industry, providing leadership and expertise for industry, market, policy makers and standards bodies.

by the Editorial Staff


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