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Euralarm: CEN-CENELEC Construction Product Regulation CPR event


Euralarm attended the CEN-CENELEC CPR-event that brought together a room full of Industry representatives and other European stakeholders, who were joined by a large audience through an online webinar. It was chaired by Gonçalo Asecençao, CEN-CENELEC Customer Service Specialist.

EU Commission and CEN-CENELEC officials explained the current status on CPR processes and new improvements. They highlighted how key stakeholders can help to move forwards and reduce the existing backlog.

A keynote speech providing a legal perspective was delivered by Georgios Katasarakis, Policy officer at the EU Commission’s Directorate General for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW). He explained how Harmonised European Standards provide a solid technical base for manufacturers to test the performance of their products. The presentations highlighted the main principles of the CPR and how they should be reflected in standardisation work. In the course of this full-day workshop, several other presentations provided a good overview on the current status of the Construction Products Regulation and provided the framework to share best practices.

The fire Industry represented by Euralarm has noted serious challenges with the CPR, several of Euralarms Members attended this meeting and made their voice heard. Euralarm is working together with other CPR stakeholders, CEN-CENELEC and the European Commission to see how it can overcome existing obstacles.

Click here for the programme and presentations from the workshop “Harmonized European standards under the Construction Product Regulation - Essentials for drafting standards”.

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