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Sicurezza: in a word, many solutions


S News meets Mr Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager Sicurezza, Fiera Milano.

Mr Garri, this year’s Sicurezza sends out a very important message: Sicurezza, in a word, many solutions. Does this make reference to the ongoing convergence, not only of systems but also of market segments, and in particular, to the extension of the concept of Security to include Home Automation, Physical and Logical Security, Cyber Security, Safety, Iot, Industry 4.0, and so on?

The new claim stems from the desire to exploit the breadth of SICUREZZA, which in recent years has increasingly followed the path of integration, abandoning the idea of a single product in favour of integrated solutions tailored to the needs of every user. Our aim was to refl ect the complexity of today’s market, which is characterised by the growth of many sectors, by the challenge of convergence, and by a widespread need for security. The solution to these needs is a resource for our society as a whole.

But of course, the claim also refers to SICUREZZA, an event that has grown by striving to meet the needs of companies and to follow market developments. This year SICUREZZA will be held from the 15th till the 17th November in Fiera Milano, Rho.

It would seem that the decision to organise the show on odd years has been successful. What do the latest figures say?

The figures are indeed positive. Five months before the opening, over 240 companies have already confi rmed their attendance, and the square meters sold to date have already exceeded the total of 2015. The two “historic” halls (5 and 7) are practically sold-out, and Hall 3 is fi lling up fast. A more favourable positioning in the busy international schedule has certainly been an excellent starting point, but I am equally sure that the effort made to listen to the needs of the market has paid off. Almost all the leading brands will be in attendance at the show. Moreover, representation of the various product sectors has grown, and new sectors are increasingly strengthening their identity.

What product sectors will you be introducing with this new edition?

In terms of product sectors, we will provide a 360-degree overview of security, inclusive of video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and passive security. There will be  the drones of SICUREZZA Drone Expo, with a focus on the use of APRs for Security and Safety activities and an aviary to see some models in action. And then there will be some absolute firsts. More space will be given to fire prevention, both in terms of detection and of suppression, thanks to the collaboration with UMAN. Moreover, the event will be held at the same time as SMART BUILDING EXPO, a show dedicated entirely to smart buildings.

An area dedicated to system integration will showcase all the services made possible by this system revolution: from connectivity per se and the integration with new electrical systems, to interaction-based entertainment, on-demand and high audio-video definition, and control systems that allow for energy efficiency.

Finally, through our extensive network of partners, we will also be offering industry operators many continuing professional development opportunities. Through the initiatives of publishers and associations, the show will provide insights into the hottest topics: privacy in relation to the new European Regulation, the development of smart cities, retail solutions, and cyber security. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at S News for the valuable contribution you will be offering through a rich schedule of events, to be held at your stand, dealing with the opportunities but also with the risks, vulnerabilities and threats arising from the IoT, smart city, smart building, smart mobility, M2M, Industry 4.0, cyber attacks, and privacy; issues that are increasingly the order of the day.

And we thank you for your appreciation. Sicurezza is growing on an international level. What’s new in this regard, and what message do you wish to convey?

In terms of exhibitors, the move to odd years has defi nitely favoured the presence of foreign companies. So far, the exhibition space covered by foreign companies has already exceeded that of last year by 30%. But above all, we are committed to supporting exhibitors interested in opening up to new markets.

To this end, SICUREZZA will pool together 200 top international buyers from the most important markets. Indeed, the investment in this regard is significantly higher compared to last year. Potential buyers and companies will be put in contact with each other through the MyMatching platform, which will help bridge the gap between supply and demand and will ensure appointments are scheduled even before the opening of the event.

We have also stepped up our promotion. We have strengthened our contacts and dealings with foreign newspapers, and are currently plugging SICUREZZA in various markets through a roadshow that has already been to Germany, Dubai and London. The roadshow is enabling us to make many new contacts and extend our reach.

by Monica Bertolo



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