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ASIS Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline


ASIS International released the ASIS Private Security Officer Selection and Training (PSO) Guideline (ASIS PSO-2019) which provides recommendations for establishing and managing a program for the selection and training of private security officers. 

The new Guideline is critical as the private security industry employs millions of security officers across the nation to protect people, property, information, and other key assets. Applicable to both proprietary and contract security, the guideline focuses on three key areas of a private security officer selection and training program-its development, implementation, and improvement. The framework comprises:

• Establishment of policies and procedures;
• Assignment of roles and responsibilities;
• Allocation of resources to the program;
• Setting vetting and selection criteria;
• Private security officer training and competencies; and
• Program evaluation and improvement.

The Guideline is consistent with industry best practices and takes into account legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations.

“While the guideline includes most elements of the 2010 edition, it goes a step further in providing organizations a generic framework for designing or improving its selection and training program,” says Chuck Baley, PSO Technical Committee Chair.

ASIS International, the world’s largest association of security management professionals, in its role as an accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s global environment. It is recognized globally through its Category-A Liaison Status in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Risk Management and Security and Resilience Technical Committees. Current projects under development focus on Active Assailant, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), and Security Awareness.

On 27-29 March, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will take place Asis Europe 2019 “From Risk to Resilience”. It will start with a morning focused on Cities of the future and Theo Veltman, Innovation Rainmaker at the municipality of Amsterdam, will set the scene for the conference by sharing Amsterdam’s vision: From Smart City to Smart Society.

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