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Dahua at Intersec 2019


Dahua will exhibit at Intersec 2019, taking place from January 20 till 22 at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

At the Dahua Booth S1 - G12 at Sheikh Saeed 1, the company will offer “end-to-end video surveillance products, systems and services to meet the needs of different customers in diverse application scenarios, creating value for smart city operations, vertical industries and enterprise management as well as individual customers”, as they say from Dahua.

Among all, HOC Safe City Solution is one of the most interesting.

“The Dahua HOC Safe City Solution relies on its Dahua Heart of City (HOC) "1+2+N" framework, which is supported by Sensing, lntelligence, Computing and Ecosystem capabilities. With police operations at its core, the solution is guided by police big data and policing tactics, and takes advantage of AI, cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile networking, and other new technologies.

Sensing resources, policing resources, community resources, and other sources of big data are integrated to explore the value of data and construct an online safe city model which improves predictive and early warning capabilities, precision action capabilities, and dynamic management capabilities.
This results is a comprehensive improvement of the application level and also improves safe city operation efficiency”, they stress from Dahua.

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