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Ksenia Security welcomes the Lobeco representatives


Ksenia Security hosted his distributors from Holland and Belgium who came to visit the Italian company.

“We were pleased - they underline from Ksenia Security - to welcome the Lobeco representatives, our Netherlands and Belgium distributors, visiting us to know more about our innovative world, full of research and creativity. We have arranged a two whole days involving them in Ksenia’s daily working activities and making them breathe an all-Italian atmosphere. With the occasion, we planned a training course for the installers, to give them an update on the most recent technical innovations, related to the latest IoT devices. An opportunity for growth and sharing among professionals!”, they add.

Ksenia Security is the Italian Brand specialized in the Security field, i.e. Intrusion, Access Control and Video Surveillance, as well in the Home & Building Automation one. “The company is recognized and appreciated worldwide - they explain from Ksenia - for its level of Innovation and Design, Solutions fully developed and manufactured to be environmentally sustainable. This success is continuously achieved thanks to the long experience matured in the business, the dynamic convergence of ideas and heterogeneous skills, to the commitment and passion professed as well as the will to realize something unique, commensurate with the always growing needs and expectations of the Professional Installers as well as the end-users, leading them through a logic of total integration”.

The Open Platform named ‘lares, in its various IoT Solutions, Hybrid and Wireless, from 16 to 644 I/O, represents the top expression in terms of Power, Integration and Connectivity: last generation Components, the highest degree of certified Quality and Reliability, easy Scalability and programmable from remote, even from mobile. On a single, extremely compact Control Panel are managed all Home Automation and Security Systems performances, IP/Ethernet connectivity supported by a 3G Back-up and vice-versa.

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