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AXIS Perimeter Defender: New PTZ autotracking application


Axis Perimeter Defender, Axis Communications’ intrusion detection analytics, now supports a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) autotracking application, enabling a fixed camera and a PTZ camera to work seamlessly together to provide an enhanced solution for perimeter protection.


The new application allows a fixed thermal or visual camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender to detect people and vehicles, and, when an alarm is triggered, take control of a PTZ camera to track and get closer views of alarm objects.

With Axis Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking, the fixed camera sends the location data of the alarm objects to the PTZ camera, thereby controlling the direction and zoom level of the PTZ camera. The PTZ camera automatically adjusts the zoom level to keep in view all alarm objects, including new ones that appear in the fixed camera’s detection zone. The application allows the fixed camera to maintain detection coverage over a large area while the PTZ camera can automatically zoom in to provide more details on the alarm objects. An operator can take manual control of the PTZ camera at any time, for instance after PTZ autotracking stops when objects move out of the fixed camera’s detection zone.

The new application comes with several key benefits:

• Get details of alarm objects without compromising on detection coverage
• Automatic control of PTZ camera
• PTZ camera automatically keeps all alarm objects in view
• One management program for setting up the analytics in a fixed camera and the PTZ autotracking application in a PTZ camera

AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking is compatible with specific Axis PTZ cameras and allows one fixed camera to be paired with one PTZ camera.  The function requires a separate license from the AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics. The PTZ autotracking application is available initially in Europe and Israel, and will be available for other regions at a later date.

by the Editorial Staff


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