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Hikvision at Intersec 2019


Hikvision will exhibit at Intersec 2019 and will showcase innovative products and solutions "tailored to meet the MENA region's unique requirements", as they underline. 
Specifically, with the top trending technology of Artificial Intelligence, Hikvision will present comprehensive AI solutions to the market at the event.

Hikvision AI Technology
"Hikvision is developing AI to enhance our lives. Our Artificial Intelligence opens up a new world of power to perceive more deeply the world of data around us", they say from the company.

Hikvision ITS
Hikvision is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems.

Hikvision Cybersecurity
Hikvision has released Cybersecurity White Paper to provide an open and transparent angle to the public to access Hikvision’s cybersecurity capabilities.

On Site Workshop
At this coming Intersec season, Hikvision is organizing various workshops dedicated to a broad range of specific aspects, ranging from AI Solutions to Cybersecurity forums and announcements. 

by the Editorial Staff


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