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Ksenia Security: new integration partnerships


Ksenia Security completed the integration project between the Lares 4.0 IoT platform for Security and Home Automation both with the Crestron Integrated Systems (Control and Automation) and with the Control4 Smart Home Systems.

“The Open Platform Lares 4.0, in its various IoT Solutions, Hybrid and Wireless, from 16 to 644 I/O, represents one of the very highest levels in terms of power, integration and connectivity - they say from Ksenia Headquarters in Italy .  The platform incorporates latest generation components, some of the highest levels of certifications for quality and reliability, and easy scalability with remote programmability even via a mobile phone”.

With this system, a single, extremely compact control panel can manage all the home automation and security systems performance requirements, and IP/Ethernet connectivity is also supported by a 3G back-up system and vice-versa.

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