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lares 4.0 wls 96 by Ksenia Security


lares 4.0 offering is now enhanced with a new version of control panel: lares 4.0 wls 96.

FEATURES OF lares 4.0 WLS 96
It is about an all-in-one solution, with polycarbonate plastic box, switching power supply and 2Ah battery, on-board internal siren, possibility to integrate 3G, PSTN and ergo S keypad.

It is able to manage up to 32 radio peripherals and up to 96 wireless zones. However, an essential BUS-based expansion is also possible: up to 3 user interfaces (a choice among ergo keyboard, volo and volo-in proximity readers), 1 BUS siren (imago or radius), 1 domus to manage the functions of the programmable thermostat.

Obviously, all the other well-known features of lares 4.0 are included: integrated IP interface, configuration from any mobile device, lares 4.0 dedicated user application with push notifications, video monitoring, etc.

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