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Access control: one of the segments that drove the electronic security market to a turnover of R$ 6 billion in 2017

Access control: one of the segments that drove the electronic security market to a turnover of R$ 6 billion in 2017

EXPOSEC 2018, from May 22 to 24 at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition Center, shall be highlighted in the access control segment, one of the three main ones that drove the electronic security industry to a turnover of R$ 6 billion in 2017. The data is from Abese, Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Sistemas Eletrônicos de Segurança, which indicates that violence is the main reason for the average growth of the sector in the last three years to have been 8%.

The current scenario has stimulated an above-average amount of access control manufacturers to seek participation in EXPOSEC, Brazil's biggest security event that for more than 20 years has been launching innovations in electronic, private, personal, public, patrimonial and corporate security. CAME do Brasil and Control iD, references in the segment, are among the dozens of companies that shall launch their most recent and exclusive solutions in the country during the fair.

According to Marco Antonio Barbosa, director of CAM in Brazil, access control to buildings is one of the first alternative security to citizens to violence. “In 2017, we have grown 30% and expanded our service to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, whose population is also looking for products with advanced technology”, he says .

Among the launchings that the brand shall bring to Brazil, are barriers and automatic doors with the brushless motor system, the ratchet XVIa – recently presented in Milan- and retractable pillar G6 Evo. This is capable of stopping a truck of 7.5 tons at 80 km/h in the already common attempts of theft with the use of vehicles to break establishments.

According to Barbosa, EXPOSEC is the main annual showcase for exposing products and technologies to the industry, being the main channel of contact with new partners, generating business throughout the rest of the year. Selma Migliori, president of Abese, endorses the importance of the fair for the market. “EXPOSEC has been evolving every year and today, in its 21st edition, is the great technological stage of the electronic security segment in Latin America,” he says.

Albert Nissimoff, Director of Control Technology iD, calls attention to the fact that the economic crisis has increased the demand for access control because the security concern was more present in the life of Brazilians. “In 2017, we doubled our revenue in this segment and we have even better prospects for this year. We also started exporting to Latin America “, says the executive.

The company shall launch a full line of products integrated with its own on-premise (iDSecure) or cloud (iDCloud) access control solution that meet the security, flexibility and low-cost demands that permeate the Brazilian market. The list includes the iDAccess, iDFit, iDFlex and iDTouch, with access options via biometrics, password, card and even central alarm integrated in some cases, in addition to the iDBlock ratchet, silent and with touchscreen system.

According to Abese, the other two sectors that boosted the revenues of the electronic security industry in 2017 were property security, with about 1,500 remote offices located in Brazil, almost half in the city of São Paulo; and public security, with 80,000 cameras installed in Vitória, equivalent to one for every 23 inhabitants, and one million cameras in São Paulo, or 7 for each inhabitant.

EXPOSEC is organized by Cipa Fiera Milano and carried out by Abese.

by the Editorial Staff

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