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Ajax-based security solution reduces fuel thefts ten times

The Ajax-based security solution helped Portugalenses Transportes Lda, one of the leading transport companies in Europe with a fleet of over a hundred trucks,  to protect vehicles against fuel thift and monitor the refueling process.


The transportation market is highly competitive. The control of costs and resources is essential not to weigh down the financial results of a logistics company. Due to increased fuel thefts, Portugalenses Transportes contracted with professionals to find a security solution to improve control and cost efficiency. The Oliveira&Canha installation company has developed a pioneering customised solution based on an Ajax security system.

Protect millions of litres of fuel

One truck’s fuel tank is 1,400 litres on average. With 100 vehicles, and fuel price fluctuating around 2 euro, regular fuel thefts (up to 10 per month) cost Portugalenses Transportes up to 150,000 euro per year. Protecting fuel tanks in rest, parking areas, and gas stations and monitoring the refuelling process could save this money.

A customised fuel tank cap with in-built magnetic opening detector
To find a solution, Portugalenses Transportes contracted with the Oliveira&Canha, a security services and installation company. The installer developed and patented a fuel tank cap customised to prevent losses. Featuring a built-in magnetic opening detector, Ajax DoorProtect, this cap can activate Ajax StreetSiren and instantly notify the driver and the company control centre about opening the tank.
The new device has successfully passed all the quality tests, considering several issues such as preventing fuel losses or the electronic circuit isolation.

How does it work?
Every protected truck has an Ajax Hub 2 (2G) control panel connected to the vehicle battery via Ajax 12V PSU. The hub uses 2G networks to communicate with the company control centre.. In case of alarm, the control panel activates the siren, sends notifications to the Ajax app on the driver’s smartphone and the Ajax PRO Desktop monitoring app at Portugalenses Transportes control centre. To open the fuel tank at a gas station, the driver needs to disarm the system with the Ajax SpaceControl keyfob or via the app, and arm it back when refuelling is done. Thus, every refuelling process is logged. Notifications on the hub security state are transmitted instantly in real time. With a vehicle ID assigned to every hub, operators can collect data for analytics.The vehicle security system includes the Ajax StreetSiren outdoor sounder. Experience shows that a loud Ajax StreetSiren alert works perfectly to deter thieves in rest and parking areas.


“Oliveira&Canha Lda has developed a solution adapted to our needsLuís Sousa, Fleet Manager, Portugalenses Transportes, Lda said – and implemented it with the greatest efficiency and professionalism, becoming a reliable and essential partner in our company day-to-day”.

“Ajax – Miguel Oliveira, CEO, Oliveira&Canha, Lda said – has been our choice for its reliability, price/quality ratio and ease of use. Since the beginning of our relationship with Ajax, we have seen continuous product development with constant improvements and updates, increasing our confidence in the Ajax brand. Thanks to its versatility, it has allowed us to develop solutions for our clients”.


Portugalenses Transportes has installed Ajax security systems in 60 trucks and now incorporates this solution in its growing fleet. So far, the company has observed such outcomes:

  • Increased security
  • Cost savings
  • More control and efficiency

An Ajax security system protects vehicles and drivers against theft and danger. Instant notifications, a loud siren, a panic button on the keyfob, and mobile and desktop apps work perfectly to deliver comprehensive security. Monitoring and security reduced 90% of fuel thefts, saving money enough to buy one brand new truck per year. The implemented solution helps the company to carry out analytics, which provides management with the ground to make relevant decisions for the business.

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