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All-over-IP: Real Estate Days 2019, Meet Customers Going Digital

All-over-IP: Real Estate Days 2019

All-over-IP 2019, taking place from the 20th till the 22nd November in Moscow at the Sokolniki Expo, is running the second annual conference along with technology display for real estate investors, developers, property managers, system integrators, architects, engineers and consultants.

“Two months ago – the organisers say – we were still planning a one-day event. But the number of brands willing to do business with Russian real estate organizations have exceeded our expectations. Now, the event entitled 'Digital Home and Urban Smartization' has extended over 2 days (Nov 20 and 21), providing global vendors with even more opportunities to connects with relevant customers and sales partners in Russia”.

As they underline from All-over-IP, the market for engineering is highly conservative. However real estate investors, developers, property managers, telcos as well as system integrators, architects, engineers and consultants have to keep up with the times to be able to take account of new customers' demands and requirements. Maintaining a competitive advantage requires the real estate industry to have a constant view on innovations, not only within the limited scope of their own business, but also in adjacent industries including smart tech. At All-over-IP 2019 technology suppliers are getting connected with real estate organizations and professionals who are ready for change and are being the first to introduce advanced technology to them.

Over the course of two days, IT and security vendors educate the real estate industry on vertical and interesting solutions including:

smart home
automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
residential IP & LTE intercoms
access control
facial recognition
automatic license plate recognition
addressable wireless alarms
fire safety
video surveillance and video surveillance as a service
automation, IoT-based monitoring and control
The event is focused on best practices for the way IoT, cloud and security technology add value for real estate companies and significant outcome they get.

November 20, 2019: smart city, smart residential areas, digital home, smart metering, intercoms
November 21, 2019: intercoms, video surveillance, access control, alarms, fire safety.

by the Editorial Staff

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