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AMC, Renato Berrini: a giant of small stature

AMC Renato Berrini

AMC Elettronica, a Made in Italy company founded in 1974, specialized in the production and marketing of components for alarm systems, has recently lost its founder, Renato Berrini.

There is great emotion among the entire company which, with the second generation already active and at the helm of the company for years, wishes to remember the figure of its founder, a man of great values and a visionary entrepreneur, as history already testifies.

Here is Renato Berrini in the words of his collaborators, who together with his family members shared with him the passion for work and security.

A giant of small stature

“Renato Berrini, the founder of AMC Elettronica, has left us. With his passing, the security world records the loss of a GREAT man!

A giant, despite his tiny physical structure, who wrote the history of anti-intrusion in Italy and who should be proposed as a model of life, not just business, for the authentic values that have always distinguished him: honesty, respect, transparency, ethics and humanity, in the most intimate sense for those who have always placed people before interests or anything else.

Rhetoric often leads us to idealize those who are no longer here, to appreciate men and actions only when they leave and we are forced to confront the unbridgeable void of what they have left.

In the case of Mr. Berrini, we are outside these dynamics: there is no need to praise him, flatter, recover or gratify him. Mr. Renato, as he was usually called in the company, enjoyed the appreciation, benevolence and recognition of his extraordinary qualities from everyone during his lifetime.

There is no need to refer to his visionary ideas which have become a luminous reality, it is not necessary to reconstruct an extraordinary path that lasted over 50 years, and it is not even necessary to tell that, even in the midst of generational change, he always remained ahead of the curve of a constantly evolving market of which he was a pioneer and point of reference.

He was a visionary who saw and understood before others. He was a man of times gone by, for whom a handshake, a knowing look or a smile was enough to demonstrate consent.

One of his senior collaborators defined him as a “tank” who never stopped, not even in moments of difficulty or tension.

He was a respectable man, never upset, friendly and helpful, a simple man despite his greatness.

He leaves his family and all of us a great and at the same time challenging legacy of values and feelings. Because, if at his age and until the last of his days he lived his “creature” with dedication, love and unconditional transport, it means that his energy has never been lacking, nothing but lithium or new sources of power.

Renato was at his place every morning, every day, always on time and always smiling. He didn’t do it to reiterate authority or leadership, he did it out of love for his company and his fellow adventurers.

He always arrived before everyone, despite his age, the passing of time, the climate and the direction that he had now given to his successors.

Renato was there, every day, to say: I am here, if you need, you can count on me.”

In the photo above: the founder of AMC Elettronica Renato Berrini and his son Alessandro at Fiera SICUREZZA

AMC Renato Berrini
Renato Berrini with his son Alessandro in AMC Elettronica
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