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APACHE FIBER : the optophonic system for fence protection

APACHE FIBER : the optophonic system for fence protection

APACHE FIBER, integrated with CIAS Supervisor and IB System IP, is a perimeter protection system with optical fiber suitable for the detection of intrusion fence. It uses optophonic technology for the detection of all those typical of intrusion attempts like climb, cut or break through the fence.

The advantages of the technology of using fiber optics technology in the field of intrusion detection on fences perimeter are:
– Reliability of detection
– Possibility to make considerable distances without intermediate power supplies
– Total immunity to interference due to lightning discharges
– Also particularly suitable for the protection of sites with corrosive atmospheres or explosive as the optical fiber cannot cause fire.

How the system works:
the sensing element is the optical fiber crossed by a beam of light. The latter undergoes changes directly related to physical changes induced on the fiber during intrusion attempts. The microprocessor analyzes variations in the signal generated by the difference between the beam of light sent and received, through special algorithms able to discriminate natural events such as wind, rain, hail from real intrusion attempts. Furthermore, through the simulation of the events that you want to track, you can, after installation and in real working conditions, optimize the parameters of detection to drastically reduce the rate of false alarms. Each apache fiber analyzer is able to manage up to 1000m of optical fiber for single zone and 2000m for dual zone.

Fiber optic sensor (APACHE-FIBER CABLE)
It‘s a special multimode fiber cable that is installed along the whole perimeter of the protected area. The peculiar characteristics make it particularly sensitive to mechanical vibration produced during an attempt to break through as a violation, climb, cutting. Depending the conformation of the perimeter and the degree of sensitivity to be obtained, the optical fiber distribution can take different configurations, but in any case cannot be used more than 1000m fiber for each zone.

Not sensitive optical fiber (APACHE-FIBER LEAD)
It is a multimode optical fiber that is used FOR connection to the analyzer APACHE FIBER to sensitive fiber or to bypass areas that that you do not want to make sensitive. The total lenght which can be used, including sensitive parts, will always be 1000m.

Analyzer (APACHE-FIBER CU1 or 2)
This is the heart of the system. The unit allows to process the signals coming from the optical fiber disposed in the field. It has on board 1 RS485 port for communication, 3 outputs and 3 inputs alarm monitored. Whole programming is possible even through the display and switches mounted on the board. the configuration for each zone, in addition to the loop, can be made in daisy chain between each analyzer and also in this case the maximum distance of the fiber does not exceed 1000m.

Centralized supervision system IB-System IP and Cias Supervisor
All apache fiber analyzers are setting and manageable through the systems of centralization IB-System IP and Cias Supervisor on map for monitoring the state and the integrated graphics display with all range of CIAS products.

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