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Axis & Canon and the role in the global security scenario, IoT and smart buildings. Interview to Ray Mauritsson, Axis Communications’ CEO

Axis & Canon and the role in the global security scenario

Monica Bertolo, Editor in Chief for S News, meets Ray Mauritsson, Axis Communications' CEO.

Axis' responsibility for the marketing and sales of Canon's entire network video product portfolio:  what does really it mean? Does it give a stronger role to Axis?

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa Axis has assumed responsibility for the marketing, sales and technical service of Canon’s entire network video product portfolio. The same change will be made in the US and Canada from October 1. This change is made because the network video surveillance market continues to show huge potential, and Axis is in an excellent position to include the sales of Canon network cameras to Axis broad portfolio of products and solutions. Canon has a strong commitment to build a long term presence as a leader in this industry for Axis. From now on our customers will be able to choose from a wider product and solution assortment while we continue to grow and develop in order to strengthen our solution offering.

The biggest players in the video surveillance market, and not only, are going towards the Total Solution Provider role, with acquisitions and partnerships. What do you think about it and which is the role Canon/Axis or Axis/Canon want to play in the global security scenario and how?

Axis has made three acquisitions this year (Citilog, 2N and Cognimatics), and we continue to develop our partner network. The security industry is growing quickly and demands in different segments often require sophisticated and specialized technology. By acquiring such companies we can go beyond our core competences of traditional security capabilities and broaden and strengthen our solution offering. Also, Canon has a reputation of being a long-term owner and has stated a clear ambition to create a strong position in the video surveillance market through and under the Axis brand. And our partner business model has proven to be successful.

How IoT will change things both in our private lifestyle, inside the companies and in the market, and which answer is Canon/Axis giving?

IoT has profound ramifications on the security and video surveillance industry. Axis introduced what many consider a pioneering IoT device in 1996 when we launched the security industry’s first network camera. In the security world one very important aspect of IoT is how all the components work together to solve a tangible challenge. This is especially true as security solutions move beyond their roots in cameras. IoT will allow for combined systems integrating previously disparate devices such as video surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, gas sensors, access control panels and loudspeakers into a common management console. The result is a huge opportunity for security solutions that are purpose-built to share useful data with other connected devices, all of which can be monitored remotely. This connectivity between devices also will provide end users with more complete situational awareness across multiple locations. Axis itself is branching out and has introduced IP-based loudspeakers and door controllers, for example, enabling not just IoT, but a step towards truly smart buildings.

by Monica Bertolo

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