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Axis: Upgraded Live Privacy Shield now free and easier indoors & outdoors

Axis: Upgraded Live Privacy Shield now free and easier indoors & outdoors

Axis Communications underlines that its upgraded edge-based dynamic privacy masking application, AXIS Live Privacy Shield, is now license-free.

“The new release – they say from Axis – gives added value to cameras compatible with the application and makes it easier than ever for users to apply real-time privacy protection while remotely monitoring activities. The latest release supports not only motion-based masking for indoor scenes, but also AI-based privacy masking for indoor and outdoor use. All compatible cameras support motion-based masking, while AI-based masking is supported by selected cameras with a deep-learning processing unit (DLPU).

The new AI-based masking functionality analyzes live video for human forms and gives users the choice of masking humans (moving and stationary) or the background. This functionality is suitable for near-range indoor and outdoor scenes with changing, variable or low lighting. It is applicable for video monitoring where privacy is needed; for example, in patient rooms, elderly care homes, manufacturing facilities, hotels, schools, offices and stores.

The motion-based functionality masks all moving objects as compared with the background scene. It supports strict privacy requirements and is suitable for indoor scenes with good, stable lighting.

Both methods of dynamic privacy masking enable users to apply either color or mosaic masking, and define “include” and “exclude” zones. The versatile application also enables users to combine it with static privacy masking and configure the system to simultaneously deliver video streams with masking and without for forensic purposes in case of an incident”, they conclude.

Key benefits include:

• Safeguards privacy
• Real-time, edge-based dynamic masking
• Motion-based masking
• AI-based masking for select DLPU cameras
• Free download.

by the Editorial Staff


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