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Beta Cavi: a dynamic reality

Beta Cavi: a dynamic reality

S News meets Luca Vittorio Cappelletti, Beta Cavi Commercial & Marketing Director.

Beta Cavi is one of the most dynamic Italian organizations in the sector. Mr. Cappelletti, what are your distinctive aspects, what are the strong points of Beta Cavi?
BETA CAVI is a fantastic, all-Italian organization that has designed and produced its cables at the Battipaglia plant for over 30 years. The technical experience gained in more than thirty years of activity and a young and innovative mentality that thinks outside the box are the characteristics which have allowed the company to become the undisputed leader in the Italian security market. The tendency of cable manufacturers or so-called cable manufacturers has always been to be technologically not very innovative and to copy existing products, but we prefer to be copied, rather than to copy.
Being innovative means, first and foremost, mastering the sector, having in depth knowledge of the technology for the high performing products to be designed and establishing relevant objectives. We invest heavily in research & development and, thanks to the close cooperation which connects us to the most prestigious players in the market such as: SAMSUNG Techwin, BOSCH Security systems and PANASONIC we are able to introduce products much earlier than our competitors which are developed and already tested, up to date with new technologies.

Cable is becoming an increasingly important part of security systems. Why?
Because too often cable represents the true limits of the system. Consider that the choice alone of a cable can lead to opting for the use of one technology as opposed to another. Our goal is to guarantee maximum equipment performance irrespective of the type of technology to be used. This approach allows us to move away from the constraints of manufacturing traditional cables and to focus on performance.

Beta Cavi is present at the UNI and CEI tables. What is the significance of your presence there? What are the implications for the industry as a whole?
In order to design a cable we must first think about the system as a whole and as such, we cannot ignore the regulatory aspect. It is therefore essential for us to participate in the regulatory work tables in order to have a complete view and to pursue the path we want to take unequivocally.
We strongly believe in training. It would be pointless to design a technologically advanced system without being able to report and share the experience gained with the designers and technicians who work directly in the field. From this point of view I believe that BETA CAVI is actually one of the more active organizations.
We boast a database of more than 25,000 contacts divided by areas of interest to whom we send periodic regulatory updates. 2013 will be another year rich with events in the area of video surveillance, recording and vocal evacuation as well as automation.

In recent years your presence in foreign markets has been increasingly stronger, a sign not only of company development and expansion, but also proof of the quality of your products.
Which markets are you concentrating on in particular?

50% of our turnover is achieved abroad and we are currently focusing on the internationalization
process. We already have a strong position in markets such as Germany, Spain, Greece, Russia, Belgium and Holland, operations in progress in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and, for the first time we will be entering the South American market, particularly Brazil, where in May we will begin the HD TOUR 2013 (www. hdtour2013.com) together with SAMSUNG Techwin.

by Monica Bertolo

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