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Beta Cavi and the internationalization challenge

Beta Cavi and the internationalization challenge

Cover story of September – October S News issue, Monica Bertolo's interview to Luca Vittorio Cappelletti, Sales & Marketing Manager, Beta Cavi.

Beta Cavi’s presence on the market is solid and strongly expanding, not only in the safety sector. Leading company in the Italian cables for safety systems market, it scored outstanding achievements in export, finding its place among the Italian companies of the industry whose presence abroad is stronger.

Who is BETA CAVI and which is the secret of its success?

BETA CAVI is an all-Italian company which is reaching its fortieth anniversary since its foundation. An outstanding company from Southern Italy and a hallmark of the Salerno province, with a great and long standing vocation to export, it is present in more than 20 countries. In fact, the company took its first steps
right towards the foreign markets on which, to date, its presence is strong.
For around 30 years, the core business of our company has been the production of co-axial cables for wide the main suppliers of: Deutsche Telecom (Germany), Telekom Slovenije (Slovenia) e Telenet (Belgium) while, since a decade, we widened our focus to the safety sector, in which we are, today, among the main International players.
Our success is based on our ambition and desire to get things going, we spend a lot of efforts in technological progress and we always try to anticipate the trends, by always proposing innovative, rather than alternative, products.

Another impressive element is your decision to export in “far-away” Countries, such as Brazil, for example.

Brazil and it’s not a coincidence, the trade agreements with SAMSUNG Techwin allowed us to export what, in fact, we can make in the best way, that is working on training and make customers aware of the culture of system construction and safety. The HD TOUR format, which started in Italy during the 2012 was later replied in Spain and Portugal to actually reach, in 2013, Brazil (www.hdtour2013.com). The feedback on this operation allowed us to have further insight and to receive more detailed feedbacks up to take the decision to establish a company in Sao Paulo, which actually turned us, formerly a National company, into a multinational corporation.
To this end, we must spend a word for the Pontecorvo Family, which owns the company, and its founder, President Giuseppe Pontecorvo and Mrs. Tina Mutarelli as well as their sons, Marco and Simona, who believed and still strongly believe in this project made of great sacrifices and deep satisfactions gained from seeing their corporation access the globalization process and to face the markets in the same way of other well established corporations.

Fire Evac Tour meant a great deal of involvement between 2013 and first part of 2014, recording significant results in Italy. Did you export this format as well?

Today, the sector of cables for video-surveillance systems has the priority over the decision to enter into the fire prevention industry also in foreign markets, last but not least, due to the relevant regulations, which change from country to country. Fire Evac Tour (www.fire-evac-tour.com) has been an extremely
successful format, well appreciated by more than 40 Professional Rolls which granted their patronage
and which been endorsed by more than 1,300 professionals in the industry.
The partnership between BETA CAVI and BOSCH Security Systems dates far back in time and is leading us to evaluate the option to export this format also to Brazil when the times will be ready even if the agreements have already been perfected.

From your point of view, which are the possible future scenarios for the cable sectors both in Italy and globally, which is the role of Beta Cavi in such framework and which are, thus, the action you are preparing both from a product and a strategy perspective?

We will develop new trade agreements and we’ll strengthen the already existing ones, we will be more effective and vertical in any market, and we’ll keep on manufacturing innovative products and design solutions which will redefine the benchmarks of each single market segment in which we’ll be active, excepting that, given the globalization process, we’ll do it on a bigger scale.

by Monica Bertolo

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