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Beta Cavi: more careful attention to your property with SIC Series

Beta  Cavi: more careful attention to your property with SIC Series

The continued spreading of petty crime results in a need for protecting ourselves and protecting our loved ones, as well as for paying more careful attention to our property. The last thing we want is that the peace and tranquillity of our family become interrupted by some unfortunate event – unfortunately however the news each day teaches us that criminals often have no limits in their ferocity, cunning and industriousness.

The elusive systems utilised for diverting traditional security systems have led device manufacturers to leave “traditional” anti-theft equipment for more evolved systems which interface with more complex devices. Analog and digital signals, tension and impulses are suspended by a wire, a cable which must guarantee function in any circumstance, even in the presence of humidity, when positioned outdoors, when pressed directly to a piece of furniture or crammed in an unsuitable channel.

All too often, we “generalise,” thinking that all cables are alike and the final user never comes to know that a simple cut, rusted, improperly sectioned, or carelessly placed cable can compromise the operation of systems worth thousands of Euros, perhaps even right in the middle of the night during use. If we also consider, in terms of costs, that the cable itself represents less than 3% of the total investment in the creation of an anti-intrusion system and that a quality alarm cable is the essential component for proper system functioning. Spending a few cents more per meter becomes truly priceless.

For all these reasons Beta Cavi presents SIC series:
Operating temperature: -30 °C – +70°C;
Minumum bending radius: 5D;
Nominal voltage signal Uo/U: 450/750V;
Sheath insulation voltage (PVC): 1 kV;
Sheath insulation voltage (Duraflam LSZH): 2 kV.

To know more about SIC series click here.

by the Editorial Staff

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