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Blackdot Solutions and BluSec: OSINT in sanctions investigations webinar

Blackdot Solutions, UK-based creator of Videris, the leading investigations and open source intelligence (OSINT) platform, is hosting a webinar with Swiss security solutions provider BluSec S.A.
“The webinar – they say from BluSec – will aim to provide security professionals with insights on how OSINT can be used to understand and limit sanctions exposure”.

The importance of OSINT in sanctions investigations is the webinar focus and combining Blackdot Solutions’ extensive knowledge of the OSINT field with BluSec’s experience in providing security solutions to global organisations, presenters will offer new insights into the use and value of open source data when understanding sanctions risk.

“Recent events – they continue – have made Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) an even more important part of the investigator’s toolkit. The increased availability of satellite imagery, social media, shipping data and a wide range of other sources has shaped our understanding of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.


  • An overview of existing sanctions regimes and how these regimes impact global organisations.
  • Exploring the kinds of open source data that might be useful to organisations hoping to understand their exposure to sanctions, from corporate records data to publicly available social media.
  • Laying out best practices for OSINT investigations in a global enterprise context.
  • Technologies available to help investigators understand sanctions exposure faster and more accurately.

The webinar will take place on 7th April at 15:00 BST/ 16:00 CEST. Register for free here.

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