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Christian Horner and Zoe Chilton of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to Speak at IFSEC International

Christian Horner and Zoe Chilton of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to Speak at IFSEC International

IFSEC International 2018 welcomes Christian Horner, Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Zoe Chilton, Head of Technical Partnerships. In light of its technical success, Zoe and Christian will discuss the team’s Innovation Partnership with FLIR in the brand new Keynote Arena.

A spokesperson from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing explained: “In order to secure its Milton Keynes site and protect its people and technology, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team have recently upgraded its current CCTV system with advanced security monitoring technology from FLIR. The facility is now equipped with some 120 cameras, both visible and thermal, that cover the entire area 24/7. Cameras on site include FLIR’s Quasar 4K and QHD versions, as well as the thermal FLIR FC-Series ID. The entire camera network is managed by FLIR’s video management software United VMS. About 750 people are employed at the factory in Milton Keynes with some areas operated on a 24/7 basis. That’s why it’s critical for the team to have a high-performance security plan and system in place, to effectively protect assets as well as the people who work there”.

Zoe Chilton will present on the security solutions project at the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing HQ.

This significantly supports IFSEC International’s shift towards becoming a high-level integrated security summit. In its inaugural year of evolution, and in the years to come, the show will be celebrating, driving and sharing the possibilities technology provides us with in an ever-competitive landscape.

Rachel Eaton, Brand Manager of IFSEC International explained: “This partnership is a prime example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to success, which is something IFSEC International is proud to both advocate and facilitate. By igniting progress through partnerships and leveraging the power of complementary levels of expertise, expectations can be exceeded, while people and products can stay ahead of the curve”.

After a career racing in F3, F2 and F3000, Christian Horner founded the Arden International Racing Team. Arden dominated the final years of the F3000 championship, and when Red Bull Racing debuted in 2005, Horner was appointed Team Principal. Horner has been responsible for building up the team from humble beginnings, making astute driver signings, but also building up a technical base to rival teams with much larger resources. Inheriting the remnants of the Jaguar Team, Horner set about reinvigorating each department in pursuit of a dedicated squad motivated by the single goal of reaching the top.

Zoe leads a team managing key relationships with Red Bull Racing’s technical and innovation partners, based at the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK. The diverse portfolio of 14 Partnerships spans a wide range of technical capabilities and products – from some of the World’s biggest names in telecoms and IT, to leading experts in manufacturing and product development.

“On technical innovation – she explained – I’ve always been a fanatic about learning how things work; my love of motorsport spawned from my love of learning new things, so the relentless pace of innovation and evolution at Red Bull Racing is a fascinating environment to work in. It’s great to be able to share that excitement with our partners and guests, and tell the story of the incredible engineering and technology journey we’re on. It never stops, there’s always something new and interesting to talk about”.

by the Editorial Staff

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