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CIAS: a MANIFESTO to share corporate values. Join the CIAS #R-Evolution!

CIAS: a MANIFESTO to share corporate values. Join the CIAS #R-Evolution!

CIAS, the specialized in anti-intrusion Perimeter Systems Italian company, taking the chance of a recruiting campaign for 3 new professionals to join the team, created a MANIFESTO.
As in much bigger companies, CIAS grasped the trend to synthesize the corporate values in something different from the classical Company Profile. The output is an immediate and evocative call for those who can recognize themselves in the same values to join the CIAS #R-Evolution. The campaign was preceded by a collection of 4 famous sentences that already contain the key concepts.

S News meets Fabrizio Leonardi, CEO and Vice Director of CIAS, and Raffaele De Astis, CEO and Director.

How did the idea come?
“Change in CIAS – Leonardi answers – was always seen as an opportunity for evolution. Addressing to potential new collaborators, we wanted to attract ‘on board’ people who can relate to our vision and can contribute to our growth. It was created in English because of our international vocation: besides the two branch offices in Poland and US, we have several EU-based collaborators of different nationalities. Now the Manifesto can be read by anyone who has to do with CIAS, to understand better our company.
Surfing the waves of the global transformation, technological, organizational but above all cultural, we used last year’s challenging times to prepare for a real transition towards the so-called Next Normal”.

What’s the meaning of your Manifesto?
“What we wanted to briefly define – De Astis says – with the CIAS Manifesto is: who we are today, how we changed, and how we intend to evolve through our values: Passion, Respect, Reliability. In synthesis: evolution with realistic goals, but also great dreams that may lead us to innovate, to revolutionize given standards”.

In the short double interview (available in the Italian language) Leonardi and De Astis explain the genesis of the CIAS MANIFESTO.

by the Editorial Staff

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