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Cias IP Ready

Cias IP Ready

IP-Doorway is the new interface which makes CIAS digital sensors “IP-READY”.
By installing IP-Doorway inside the device, the barrier or sensor is already “IP-NATIVE”.
An Ethernet cable cat5e ftp will power up the product and set up and manage its data and alarms. One cable for everything: it’s a big advantage for the installer, simple and economic.
Power can be  provided through Standard  802.3af  PoE or through ordinary 13.8 Vdc continuous voltage, in use for anti-intrusion systems.

IP-Dooorway manages various protocols: TCP; UDP; HTTP; DHCP; ICMP; ARP; RARP; allowing multiple data management options.
It can be configured either in UDP mode to collect alarms through an IB-System Rack, or in TCP-IP mode, to collect alarms through IB-System IP.

In both cases remote-maintenance via Ethernet network is possible, using the CIAS dedicated SWs Wavetest 2 and Wavetest IP.
Inside the IP-Doorway a “Web-Server” is implemented for establishing working parameters. Using this interface, parameters in use are clearly readable and easy to change with no need for any external software.
IP-doorway is suitable for the product families: Murena Plus, Ermo 482x Pro, Coral Plus, Manta and Pythagoras.

by Editorial Staff

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