Marss IP & Security

Marss IP & Security S.r.l.

Via A. De Gasperi, 150
73030 - Tiggiano (LE)

MARSS is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes security, video surveillance, and home & building automation systems.

Since 2007 MARSS, operating in the ever-changing market of security, researches and develops innovative and unique solutions for technology and applications, some of which are patented. MARSS includes its philosophy in its name: More Advanced Research in Sercurity Systems, that is, the most advanced research in security systems to offer quality, innovative, convenient solutions.

Markets and customers

“The strength recognized by the market and customers – they say from the headquarters – is our competence in the R&D of the ‘most suitable products for the required application’, to assure efficiency and duration in time, as well as costs optimization. This has allowed our growth in these years in the fields of anti-intrusion, anti-theft, video surveillance and, today, in the domotic and home & building automation, too”.

MARSS operates in the national and international market with a network of partners in the security field, with its main customer companies operating in the residential, retail, industrial, solar, and public administration industries.

“The relationship with our customers – they continue – is not limited to the classic customer-provider relations: we actively participated in their projects. This drives us to face with different themes and to research new technologies and solutions dedicated to antitheft-anti-intrusion, video surveillance, access control, domotics, and plastic optical fiber”.

Beyond any MARSS’ solution are a vast knowledge of the security market, cooperation with qualified partners, a professional team to support the customer with an innovative and modular approach, compliance with standards and sector laws, and Made in Italy solutions where design and innovation are combined.

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