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Countering Drones LIVEdemo Conference

Countering Drones LIVEdemo Conference

The Countering Drones LIVEdemo Conference will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 19th and 20th of September 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The threat from civilian-operated drones is growing.
Airports, nuclear sites, prisons, government buildings, stadiums and other secure facilities are unequipped to respond to an unauthorised intrusion of their airspace. If they are to confront this worrying reality, security personnel must take advantage of a range of counter-drone technologies, both passive and kinetic.

Many of these solutions, whilst promising, have yet to be widely deployed, and so it is critical that industry have the opportunity to showcase their capabilities, and to explain how they can be integrated into existing security infrastructures.

Following the main conference, this live demonstration will be a rare opportunity to watch counter-drone capability in action. Located at a Swiss government facility in Bière, just outside of Geneva, the visit will feature technologies capable of enhancing the detection, tracking and engagement of unmanned aerial systems.
After the live display, participating industry will join security professionals for a summative panel discussion, where they will discuss the hurdles that must be overcome if these counterdrone solutions are to be safely and legally deployed in a congested civilian environment.

Accelerating the deployment of counter-drone capability

• Witness a live demonstration of the latest counter-drone technologies, and understand how emerging solutions can be used to identify, track and engage drones that pose a risk to safety and security, even in a congested civilian environment.
• Explore the limitations of current regulations governing civilian-operated drones, and work towards updated legislation – at both the national and international level – that will permit the safe deployment of counter-drone capability.
• Limit your liability by discussing the parameters of updated insurance coverage, in order to ensure that you can safely engage drones without risking litigation.
• Hear from Heads of Security responsible for securing a range of government-owned and private facilities, and identify the procedures and technologies that are appropriate to each.
• Evaluate the risk of drones as a vector for terrorism, and integrate an appropriate response within your existing counterterror strategy.

Click here for Spokesmen Panel and Program.

by The Editorial Staff

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