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Dahua: 4G Solar Power Network Camera for Outdoor Applications

Dahua 4G Solar Power Network Camera

Dahua Technology launches 4G Solar Power Network Camera for Outdoor Application Scenarios.

Monitoring outdoor scenarios is never an easy task, especially for those situated outside the grid. That’s why Dahua released its 4G Solar Power Network Camera that offers high-performance 4G modules, solar panel, lithium battery, PIR detection, sound and light alarm linkage, and other practical features, making it an ideal choice for scenarios that lack wired networks and electricity supply lines.


In remote outdoor scenarios where electricity and internet connection are limited, deploying an efficient monitoring camera could be troublesome. It typically requires laying large cables for power and network, which is undoubtedly expensive and laborious. Some remote areas off the grid do not even have power lines to start with.
The Dahua 4G Solar Power Network Camera offers a number of benefits that can alleviate the abovementioned monitoring challenges. It is equipped with built-in 5W solar power panel and 10,000mAh high capacity lithium battery that can last up to 10 days (1-hour remote live view per day). It adopts active hibernation technology and offers low power consumption and long endurance. It provides low battery alarms (20%, 15%, 10%, 2%) via the DMSS or DSS platforms to remind users to charge the device.


In addition, this camera also supports multiple telecommunications standards including GSM, WCDMA, and 4G LTE, allowing it to connect smoothly and wirelessly with local mobile networks by just simply inserting the sim card into the module. It has built-in 8GB eMMC storage in case there is no SD card available, which provides stable storage and automatically overwrites recording.

Moreover, its PIR detection function wakes up the camera when the alarm has been triggered (video recording starts within 15 seconds). If the detected target is not human, the camera will automatically go back to Sleep Mode within 3 seconds. For General Mode, videos are continuously recorded and push notification function is on, while the Sleep Mode keeps 4G network, PIR detection and event recording active. Functions such as Wake Up by Scheduled Duration and Wake Up by Scheduled Interval are also available for users to explore based on their actual needs. The camera’s built-in mic and speaker enable Two-way Talk function that allows users to remotely communicate with the detected target in the scene.


What’s more, this camera has 3 illumination modes:

  • Smart Illumination Mode turns on the warm light when a target is detected in the rule area of the scene;
  • IR Mode provides black and white video footages at night (warm light can be used as warning light);
  • and Warm Light Mode that turns the warm light on at night and records full-color images with more details.


In general, the Dahua 4G Solar Power Network Camera is a powerful monitoring device that offers an artillery of functions that enable it to stably and reliably operate in scenarios without power lines or wired network connection. Furthermore, this camera can also be integrated with various outdoor monitoring solutions (e.g. off-grid security solution), making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor application scenarios including fishponds, courtyards, farm ranch, and more.

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