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Dahua Partner Day 2022: innovation through cooperation

Dahua Partner Day innovation cooperation

The Dahua Partner Day 2022 was held on 20th October at Palais des Congrès in Versailles, Paris, France, in name of “Together you can do more than alone”. During the event, Dahua Technology and 21 eco-partners showed what can be expected from jointly developed innovations now and in the coming years.

The fourth edition of Dahua Partner Day welcomed no less than 500 interested participants from different countries. The day was intended to showcase the latest innovations, but also to encourage interaction between the manufacturer, partners and customers. According to Dahua Western Europe President David Shen, this is expected to lead to even greater innovations for customers and ultimately for society. Dahua Technology likes to be open to collaboration and offers numerous integration options with its products. Advanced solutions can be developed for security, but also for traffic management, retail, healthcare, industry in general, and more.

Focus on sustainability, Smart buildings and Smart cities

In recent years, there has been a strong emphasis on sustainability. In close collaboration with its eco-partners, Dahua Technology is able to realize solutions for smart buildings and even smart cities, which combine increased comfort with lower energy consumption. Smart retail stores can also be created in this way, in which the layout, formula and staffing can be continuously adjusted to the trends in the observed customer behaviour.

“During the Dahua Partner Day – they say from the company – it was easy to see which products have emerged from extensive digital transformation needs. For example, there is the TiOC 2.0, a three-in-one camera that integrates Smart Dual Illuminators, Active Deterrence and AI into one smart and innovative solution, greatly saving time and financial costs for end users, while providing better ecosystem that offers more convenient operation and better user experience. Concepts for smart cities were also on display, in which security is increased with improved management efficiency and living environment. Furthermore, numerous solutions were shown that allow retailers to have a comprehensive operation analysis and improve the customer experience. Technical director of Dahua France Leon Hou pointed to the many competitive advantages that this provides retailers”.

Dahua Partner Day cooperation innovation

Cooperations and integrated solutions

“It is very important – they continue – that businesses think about collaboration and integration in the same way, which can easily solve the more common challenges in vertical markets. Dahua Technology adheres to its openness for integration and expects the same from eco-partners. There was a strong emphasis on video surveillance in security industry, but vertical industries encompass more”.

More than 10 experts from Dahua’s partner community gave the presentations, showing how their solutions can provide added value to end user through integration with Dahua’s vertical solutions and products, and 21 partners demostrated the rich benefits of their integrated solutions, focusing on different sectors and use cases.  

“Together hardware connection with technology partners – they point out – we provide  a variety of deep integration solutions with rich functions, such as VDP plus access control, bringing added value of system upgrades end users. In addition, partners focusing on software integration can provide an unified platform with comprehensive report and more accurate business analysis based on Dahua AI technology, so that more vertical industries can be benefitted in their business operation”.

Dahua Partner Day cooperation innovation

Dahua Partner Day 2022 eco-partners

The 21 partners that made the Dahua Partner Day 2022 possible are 2DS LAB, Acre, ASC27, Flame Analytics, Fox Stream, GCE Electronics, GJD, GroupLotse, iRetail Check, NetworkOptix, NX4, Optex, Prysm, Qognify, Seek-One, Sensivic, Technis, VaelSys, Vauban Systems, Veesion and XXII. During the networking moments, the participants were able to get to know these companies more closely.

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