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Euklis: KlisHyCloud cameras line supports Genetec Stratocast

Euklis: KlisHyCloud cameras line supports Genetec Stratocast

Euklis, a leading technology provider of a full range of video surveillance technologies, identity and face recognition platform based in Milan, Italy, announces that “KlisHyCloud cameras line supports now Stratocast™, the Genetec cloud-based video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS), powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform”, they say from Euklis.

Stratocast is designed to meet the needs of organizations that require a reliable and cost-effective video surveillance solution without the expenses and complexities typically associated with installing and managing on-premises surveillance systems.

“Including  Stratocast protocol in his cameras, for Euklis is not just ‘another compatibly opportunity’ but  the design of a new strategy to approach  the enterprise market of Banks,  Urban security or Utilities protection, through cloud-based video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS), as  tried out in Italy and that EUKLIS wants to promote worldwide”, Antonmarco Catania, Euklis President, says. “ In this way – they underline from Milan – Euklis gives systems integrators new market opportunities selecting his technologies to build security systems”.

Euklis, founded in Milan, Italy, in 2007, is an Italian manufacturer of technological solutions for security, video surveillance, access control and telecommunications.
Euklis is among the most accredited Italian brands considered to protect critical infrastructures as airports, highway authorities, governmental buildings, towers, industrial sites, banks and for urban security.
“In 2019 Euklis introduced, first in the world, an identity recognition platform FaRe, GDPR compliant by design,  that uses an hybrid approach of pattern matching and machine learning technologies for the face recognition with unique performances – they state from the company headquarters. 

Euklis goes beyond technology: it imagines and plans solutions. Euklis means Security Continuity, because Security is a value that has to be guaranteed over time and it is Smart, because technology has to simplify the development of the tasks of a security operator.
Since 2017 EUKLIS has been growing fast, thanks to the increasing number of channel partners all over the world.

In the photo, Antonmarco Catania.

by the Editorial Staff

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