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Euralarm and Eusas conference Research into fire technologies shaping future standards: Berlin 7 and 8 February

Euralarm and Eusas conference Research into fire technologies shaping future standards: Berlin 7 and 8 February

The conference on Research into fire technologies shaping future standards, organised by Euralarm and Eusas, takes place in Berlin on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 February 2017. Those who are interested in participating in the conference can download a leaflet from the Euralarm and Eusas websites and register directly.

The joint Euralarm-Eusas conference is aimed at representatives of the fire industry, test institutes, standard developers, practitioners and scientists, who are interested in fire protection engineering especially in private homes and/or in the Eusas work in context of fire detection and system technologies.

Research and testing of fire technologies is a field that is evolving rapidly. When it comes to defining and establishing standards based on the research of fire technologies, there is much to improve. This conference is about sharing experiences of identifying the problems that occur when the results of this research need to be transformed to standards.

The first conference session aims to introduce the problem of false fire alarm by fire detection systems and current approaches for enhanced testing to ensure an additional reliability against deceptive phenomena. The second session concentrates on performance and quality testing of fire detectors and fire detection and fire alarm systems. This includes the question if the current environmental tests are suitable and provide a stable long-term behaviour of the equipment as well as the questions regarding the suitability of today’s fire testing and drift compensations.

During the second conference day, in the third and fourth sessions, the focus will change from fire detection to complete building solutions. These sessions not only consider the integration of fire detection into a complex smart building environment, but also strive to answer current questions of other technologies as visual alarming and evacuation. Finally, the interoperability of all these systems in modern buildings is discussed in a final paper.

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