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Euralarm: in favour of revising EU’s Construction Products Regulation

Euralarm: in favour of revising EU’s Construction Products Regulation

Euralarm, the trade association of the European electronic fire safety and security Industry, has provided comments on the Inception Impact Assessment on a potential revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). While supporting the main objective of the CPR, the association feels that, in line with the actions of DG GROWTH, a review of the regulation is needed.

According to Euralarm Members, the CPR has not had the required effect on the competitiveness of the electronic fire safety Industry. The Industry depends on standardised product performance requirements and standardised behaviour, which is at odds with the CPR.

For example, alarm buttons to activate a fire alarm system are across Europe, and the world, always red. Under the CPR, this is not seen as ‘performance criteria’ and therefore the colour could change depending on national solutions, which would lead to building occupants being confused in case of fire and lives of European citizens being put in danger.

Although the CPR’s stated objective is to help standardise test methods and ensure the European wide acceptance of test results, thus supporting the movement of construction products across Europe, it is also trying to cover a very wide range of products with very different characteristics and where performance criteria are less important. This has a negative effect on the standardisation of fire detection and alarm products.
Euralarm is prepared to explain the objective differences and the impact on the functionality and reliability of electronic fire safety products.

Based on initial consultations, Euralarm Members favour revising the CPR, keeping in mind the successful role that Standards have played in the market in establishing clarity, flexibility and harmony. This is good for the European economy and its ability to participate in a global market, which is after all the main objective of the CPR.

Euralarm will continue to work hand in hand with the European Commission and specifically with DG GROWTH to define and implement the best possible solution.

by The Editorial Staff

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