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Euralarm : services as the security industry’s innovative strength

Euralarm : services as the security industry’s innovative strength

Paris. The symposium “Growing business through services” organized by the French association SVDI in March 2014, saw the participation of Ing. Enzo Peduzzi, Euralarm Vice President, who presented Euralarm’s vision on the changes in the field of safety and security services. 

The Euralarm vision describes the importance of services for enhancing the security industry’s innovative strength and global competitiveness as well as improving the security of Europeans.
One of the core values of SVDI and its members is quality as ‘enabler’ of customer satisfaction and as ‘defender’ of a strong competition position of the members. The objective of the recent SVDI conference was to show installation and maintenance companies, that they have to shift from a technical towards a service-minded culture in order to survive the competition.

On the topic of Services, Mr. Peduzzi stated: “The market is more and more aware of the fact that our member companies not only sell products but that the ‘final product’ are systems. These systems are tailored to the specific safety and security requirements of the objects, buildings and persons to be protected.  Such a system is only as good as the quality of the products and services provided by personnel with specific training. Hence, dedicated skills and competences are required from the companies that provide these services.” Euralarm is therefore a driving force in the development of a services standard by the Technical Committee 4 (TC4) of CENELEC.

Mr. Peduzzi continued: “Companies seeking to provide such services in EU member states other than their home country continue to confront barriers notwithstanding the prohibition of restrictions to provide services anywhere within the Community. Euralarm supports the full application of the principles and objectives of the Services Directive to facilitate the cross-border provision of electronic fire and security services within the single European Market.”

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