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Euralarm Symposium 2017: Electronic Fire and Security Industry favourite event

Euralarm Symposium 2017: Electronic Fire and Security Industry favourite event

Euralarm Symposium is taking place at the Kensington Close Hotel in London on May 8th 2017.
Every year the Euralarm Symposium is the occasion for a gathering of all stakeholders in the fire or security markets, including installers, system integrators, manufacturers, end users, facility or property managers and certification bodies.

In the first session of this year’s twofold event will be debated the future of fire and security services across Europe: what will be the consequence of the removal of trade barriers making possible Europe-wide movement for service providers? Whether product-related or adding value, standard quality levels for service delivery to end users remain consistently important. The introduction of the EN 16763 European Services standard in 2017 has the purpose of ensuring that all players answer to the same requirements and deliver quality customer experiences.

The second session will investigate how to make the most out of the already existing fire and security digital market. In parallel to changing market conditions, developments in telecommunications are opening up opportunities for enhanced service offerings for both fire and security solutions, providing new possibilities for end users and service providers. Remote system interrogation enables numerous types of services to be available all to address the needs of modern property owners and managers, but there are issues over how do you do this and ensure the security and effectives of the systems.
Registration for the event and hotel reservation can be made from Euralarm’s online registration portal.

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