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Euralarm : white paper on PEARS

Euralarm : white paper on PEARS

Zug. Euralarm published a white paper on PEARS (Public Emergency Alarm and Response System) to advise on the necessary actions to increase the effectiveness of public alert scenarios.

The white paper was initiated due to the increasing challenges governments across Europe are facing when it comes to mastering crisis situations caused by natural catastrophes, manmade disasters or criminal and terroristic attacks. The question on how to alert the population in the affected area quickly, reliably and effectively has gained importance in the previous years. New methods of alarming the population are necessary, because of urbanization and outdated technologies.

The European Union and several member states have started testing new methods. The most common methods use cell broadcast messages to mobile phones. This is an easy to implement method, which however has big issues because, according to a study of the UK government, only approx. 30 to 40%  of the persons reached read the messages directly. Another concern related to the testing of new methods is the lack of coordination between countries. The various methods are not compatible, which prevents messages from crossing borders.

Euralarm urges the European Union and all national stakeholders to cooperate and share experiences, and proposes the following actions:
• Integrate as many channels as possible.
• Integrate existing systems, including domestic systems connected to Monitoring Stations.
• Use standardizations to make cross-border systems compatible.

For more information and copies of the White Paper, please visit: www.euralarm.org

by the Editorial Staff

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