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Euralarm’s Manifesto for a Safer and More Secure Europe 2016 – 2019

Euralarm's Manifesto for a Safer and More Secure Europe 2016 - 2019

Euralarm, in its Manifesto for a Safer and More Secure Europe at the horizon of 2019, presents the electronic fire, safety and security industry’s view on six policy areas where the European Union’s Institutions should take action in the coming years to ensure that 

â–ªEU citizens are safer and live in a secure society;
â–ªthe marketplace is efficient and dynamic.

Euralarm will be an engaged and constructive partner for the EU Institutions, helping policymakers to craft the legislation that meet these societal and economic objectives as well as to shape an open, efficient and dynamic marketplace for the electronic fire, safety and security industry in the EU; a market growing by 11% over the next five years according to an EU Commission’ recent report.(1)

The six policy areas are:

-A market-driven standards system that works for consumersand the industry;
-A single market approach to testing, auditing and certification inthe fire safety and security industry;
-Improving fire safety in tourist accommodation to preventunnecessary deaths and injuries;
-A Europe-wide system to recognize skills and qualifications;
-A single market for the provision of services for fire safety andsecurity systems;
-'Smart cities’ that include aspects of fire safety and security.

For each area Euralarm offers its support to the EU Institutions. This newest publication is another Euralarm initiative that backs the EU goals of boosting employment, growth and investment, and strengthening and
deepening the Single Market. With the right political, legislative and regulatory environment, the fire safety and security industry can play an important role in achieving these goals.

by The Editorial Staff



(1) An EU Commission study commissioned to ECORYS, a consultancy, on ‘the development of statistical data on the European security technological and industrial base (2015).

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