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HID delivers Card Issuance Solution for Mediterranean Passenger Line

HID delivers Card Issuance Solution for Mediterranean Passenger Line

HID Global provides a card personalization solution for Streamline Mediterranean Passenger Line Attica Group, which has chosen HID® FARGO® DTC4500e High Capacity Card Printer & Encoder to enhance its loyalty program kiosks. The solution improves the user experience by instantly personalizing high-quality full-color membership cards and supports the continuous issuance needs of the loyalty program.

In partnership with CubeIQ, Attica Group deployed a new self-service Seasmiles kiosks to digitize the application process and centralize its membership services onboard its ferries. Each kiosk is integrated with an HID FARGO DTC4500e High Capacity Plastic Card Printer and Encoder for the instant personalization and issuance of the membership cards. The DTC4500e’s dual input hoppers and high-capacity print ribbons equip the Seasmiles kiosks with maximum card input capability to print full-color credentials and supports the continuous and efficient card personalization needs of the loyalty program. In addition, the card cleaning roller within the ribbon cartridge helps produce a high-quality credential and protects the company’s investment.

Seasmiles’ fully operational, self-service kiosks are installed on 19 passenger ferries. The integration of the HID FARGO DTC4500e has optimized the membership application process and has improved the membership program’s profitability. Cards are automatically issued, which ensures safe delivery to members while saving postage costs. The Seasmiles kiosks have also enhanced passengers’ onboard experience and improved customer loyalty. Within the first 180 days of deployment, Seasmiles member registrations increased to more than 15,000 and the kiosks have personalized more than 40,000 cards.

“HID’s FARGO DTC4500e printer and encoder – says Dionysis Theodoratos, Chief Commercial Officer for Attica Group – has been instrumental in helping us develop an award-winning innovative system that improves the travel experience of our passengers. The automated process and quick issuance of the loyalty membership cards strengthens the relationship of trust with both our valuable customers and our brand”.

The Seasmiles program now has a reliable and user-friendly system that efficiently and securely captures new registrant data, processes the application, and instantly issues cards so passengers can immediately enjoy member benefits while on board.

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