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Impact of standardisation delays on products using radio communication

Impact of standardisation delays on products using radio communication

On 16 April 2014, the European Union adopted a new set of rules for placing radio equipment on the European market, and putting them into service: the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Anything which uses radio for communications will need to meet these new requirements to be placed on the market in the EU. This includes radio-transmitting electronic fire safety and security devices. 

EU Member States have had to apply its provisions from 13 June 2016. Manufacturers who were compliant with the existing legislation (R&TTE, LV or EMC Directives) will have until 13 June 2017, to comply with the new requirements. Euralarm has indicated early on that it considers the one-year transition period to be far too short.

Today, the advancement of the standardisation initiated by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, seems to prove Euralarm right. Public enquiries have been delayed and the publication of the new standards in the EU’s Official Journal, signalling their effective entry into force, will most likely take place earliest in April 2017, in certain cases even after June 2017. Alarm manufacturers will not be able to place compliant products on the market for an undetermined period of time until compliance is achieved. Loss of revenue could potentially be up to 50% for some companies resulting in significant losses. Figures could be in excess of €0.6 billion across the European supply chain.

Market Surveillance authorities shall be made aware of the situation to reassure manufacturers that they will not face legal uncertainty or risk being challenged in the next two years. Euralarm works hand in hand with the European Commission, ETSI and national regulators to minimise negative impact on the industry and monitors the advancement of the standardisation work.

by the Editorial Staff

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