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Intersec 2019: The Future Security Summit with Martin Gren

Intersec 2019: The Future Security Summit with Martin Gren

Intersec 2019 opened in Dubai on the 20 January, featuring 1,212 exhibitors from 54 countries.

Highlights this year include the new Intersec Future Security Summit, featuring 40-plus regional and international experts and government speakers.

Spanning 60,000sqm Intersec 2019 covers the six show sections Fire & Rescue (431 exhibitors), Commercial Security (375 exhibitors), Safety & Health (142 exhibitors), Information Security (120 exhibitors), Homeland Security & Policing (90 exhibitors), and Physical and Perimeter Security (54 exhibitors).

All are showcasing their latest solutions, from Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based safe city services and smart home security products, to the latest high definition IP-Network cameras and analytics software used across industry verticals from banking and retail to hospitality and oil & gas.

Artificial Intelligence and IoT in focus at Future Security Summit

The 21st edition of Intersec in 2019 also coincided with the launch of the three-day Intersec Future Security Summit, where Future Foresight on Security, Artificial Intelligence, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Systems were among the central themes on the first day.

Martin Gren, Co-Founder of Axis Communications, and the inventor of the world’s first IP-Network camera, was among the headline speakers today, offering his view on the future of the global security industry.

“We see security needs increasing and new applications are enabled by new and complementing technologies,” said Gren, adding that while AI has shown tremendous improvements over the last few years, it’s still at an early stage. 

“Everyone expects to see industry disruption from AI and Deep Learning, and this is an area that Axis are heavily investing in, but I think the true benefits are still several years away. Instead you will see AI help with regular basic algorithms, and personally, I think the market for audio is going to move from analog to IP as it’s still currently 98 percent analog.”

Gren said the Middle East and the UAE in particular have always been an innovator in security and security technologies, on account of the region having limited exposure to traditional analog technologies.

“The Middle East was an early adopter of technology, and I think the UAE has shown a scale and willingness to invest that is much stronger than most other countries,” continued Gren.  “This has given a modern, and upgraded, network of smart and intelligent systems that is quite unique.”

Middle East market on track for double-digit growth

Intersec 2019 takes place amid a Middle East market where demand for security, safety, and fire protection continues to climb.  Andreas Rex, Intersec’s show director, said: “The Middle East market for physical and perimeter security, commercial and information security, fire protection, and drones, is currently estimated to be worth US$14.5 billion.  Analysts say this will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.5 percent over the next six years, valuing US$31 billion in 2024.

“Governments are taking a lead role in ensuring infrastructure, buildings, borders and societies are safe and secure, and the region continues to be an early adopter of smarter, integrated, and innovative solutions spanning both the public and private sectors – from banking, aviation, education and retail, to hospitality, healthcare, construction and energy”, added Rex.

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