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Ksenia Security: lares 4.0, Security and Home Automation

Ksenia Security: lares 4.0

The new lares 4.0 represents the most advanced and reliable Solution in the Digital Revolution (IoT) for what concerns both the Security (Intrusion, Video-surveillance, Access Control) and the Home & Building Automation.

It can manage a number of outputs equal to the number of inputs (sensors) in order to manage lights, clima, irrigation, Automatic Doors and Windows, in short any type of Automation or Appliances: on top of all Security aspects, even the SMART HOME or SMART BUILDING Features can be now managed by a single User APP (lares 4.0) and programmed from the Installer now even from any mobile terminal (APP named Ksenia Pro).

Also the newly developed from ‘ergo’ Keypad series, differently to all Tablets available on the marketplace, has been specifically designed to serve as MULTIMEDIA CENTER from which to program, monitor and manage all the different functions either in terms of Security and in terms of SMART HOME – SMART BUILDING in association to a unique scenario in the desired mix, in order to make our life easier wherever we are, at Home or in a large Office Building.

Smart Home and Building Management system provides minimum 40% energy saving.

About Ksenia Security
Ksenia Security is a private Italian Security company worldwide recognized for its IP-Security & Home/Building Automation Solutions which represent the ‘state-of-the-art’ in terms on Innovation. (Ksenia introduced the first Italian embedded IP-Control Panel in 2010 and was the first also in getting the EN50131 grade 3 Certification).
Ksenia products show a particular attention to the Design and Eco-Sustainability and its IP Systems are very well known for having on board 10 to 1024 Zones and 10 to 1024 Outputs. Therefore Residential and Commercial/Industrial Applications can be programmed and managed from dedicated App (even through KseniaWebServer) with full Push Notifications capability.

by the Editorial Staff

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