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LenelS2 and HID: Changing the Paradigm to Embrace Digital Transformation

LenelS2 HID Changing Paradigm

LenelS2 and HID will be the protagonists of the S News talk show entitled “Changing the paradigm to embrace digital transformation”, which will be held on Thursday 16 November at 3pm on the S News television set in pavilion 5, stand R11 – S14 at SICUREZZA 2023, Fiera Milano.

Advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies are converging to create new opportunities for how facilities around the world should be managed and secured, and how occupants can enter and interact safely and confidently in a building, improving its management efficiency.

LenelS2 and HID: Changing the Paradigm

There is a notable focus on identity and consumer experience. There is great emphasis on transitioning from a door-centric approach to a consumer-centric perspective, recognizing the importance of understanding and meeting user needs. Accessibility also receives considerable attention, underlining its importance in the industry.

Another prevalent theme is the creation of value beyond traditional security measures. Companies are encouraged to improve workflows and automate processes, recognizing the need to go beyond simply keeping bad actors out. The concept of “wallet” becomes a starting point for a broader transformation in access control systems.

The proposals on building evaluation metrics move from ‘space centric’ criteria to ‘user centric’ criteria. New criteria such as Wellbeing, ESG, Working Experience are new acronyms increasingly used in these assessments.

This and much more will be discussed during the talk which will see the participation of:

Diana Lagori, Regional Sales Director South Europe, LenelS2 – A Carrier Company,

Paolo Castiglioni, Europe End User and Vertical Market Manager, HID Global and further speakers to be defined.

The talk will be moderated by Monica Bertolo, Editor in Chief for S News.

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