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Logital presents Logiscan

Logital presents Logiscan

On the 25th June in Rome, in the presence of the Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano, the “2013 National Prize for Innovation”, named also “The Prize of the Prizes”, was conferred by the Education, University and Research Minister Mrs Maria Chiara Carrozza to Guglielmo Marconi Airport of Bologna, thanks to the realization of LOGISCAN, whose project and construction were made by LOGITAL.

Logiscan is a completely automatic and “self” system. It enables the passenger’s boarding card checking, verifies hand luggage sizes and weight and manages the eventual oversizes of the hand luggage, according to each airline’s specifications. After reading the boarding card and after the download from the airline’s informatic system of the passenger and flight data, Logiscan does itself the calculations about the hand luggage weight and about the sizes, authorising or not the boarding and managing if the passenger must pay or not, because of overweight or oversize problems.

Logiscan works online with the IT airports systems, comparing data about flights and hand luggage and it can manage possible automatic gates in order to authorize following areas access.
It’s also important to underline that Logiscan, besides to check sizes and ponderal weight, is used by the airports to increase security controls, both real and perceived ones, through the shapes analysis that doesn’t allow the access if shapes are not kept with or are anomalous compared with the standards.

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