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MEDITY: first Mediterranean Security Expo

MEDITY: first Mediterranean Security Expo

Medity, “Integration beyond Security” will take place from the 14th till the 16th June 2013 in Caserta, near Naples in Italy, at the A1 Expo.
Medity is the fi rst Mediterranean Security Expo and will present the products and solutions for manufactory companies, retails and organized distribution, banks, hotels, home, people, cities, critical infrastructures, logistics and IT.

All the technologies will be presenta t Medity: home and building automation, fire, CCTV, IP, Networking, antintrusion systems, access control systems, domotics, private security, lock&security systems, safety, energy saving, green energy, and so on.

Expo, Educational, Agora and Laboratories will help installers, system integrators, designers, security managers, purchase managers and professional end-users to discover, to use and to become user-friendly with new products and technologies.

The exhibitors can present their products hand-on way, in order to let installers, system integrators, and
operators to become friendly with them.
Stands will be Labs, where solutions can be tested, with the support of trainers.

In specific areas inside the expo, real building reproductions will be placed, such as the Integrated House. It
is a real house, about 120sm, with garden, totally furnished. Installers can test the real integration: security,
domotics, energy saving. The same can be experienced by system integrators, designers, installers in a real
Hotel reception, in order to discover the best opportunities of integration.

For further information, visit: www.snewsonline.com and www.medity.it.

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