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Motorola Solutions: New Mission-Critical Broadband Device at CCW 2018

Motorola Solutions: New Mission-Critical Broadband Device at CCW 2018

At Critical Communications World 2018 (May 15-17, Berlin, Germany), Motorola will showcase new solutions for enhanced mission-critical communications including an app to share digital evidence. Motorola Solutions will present its latest innovations in Europe for the first time.

The Motorola Solutions LEX L11 Mission-Critical LTE device is designed with first responders in mind. Developed for global broadband networks, the LEX L11 will enable first responders to access secure apps for increased situational awareness. The Motorola Solutions LTE device offers a broad range of innovative features including a rugged, easy-to-operate design, best-in-class audio quality and performance as well as an advanced end-to-end secure mobile platform and enhanced accessibility provided by a suite of accessories:

– Intuitive operation: For natural operation and immediate response, the Motorola Solutions LEX L11 is equipped with a dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) and an emergency button as well as a talk group rocker switch and two programmable buttons. These features enable first responders to blindly access mission-critical capabilities while keeping their eyes up, their hands free and focus forward.

– Best-in-class audio quality: The Motorola Solutions LEX L11 is designed to let first responders hear and be heard clearly. It provides features for reduced distortion, background noise canceling, and suppressing feedback caused from other devices when in close proximity of each other uses the Howling Suppression technology as deployed in Motorola Solutions’ TETRA handheld devices. The device also optimises audio quality even when holstered.

– Reliable performance in the harshest environments: The Motorola Solutions LEX L11 is made for constant use in tough, unforgiving environments, so first responders do not have to worry about rain, dust, extreme temperatures, battery life or drops. The device meets the MIL-STD-810G standard for drop and shock and is IP67 rated.

– Extended reach with radio collaboration: The Motorola Solutions LEX L11 can also be paired with portable TETRA two-way radios, combining the power of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical TETRA networks with public safety broadband. Ideal for police officers who need to remain discreet, this pairing allows them to communicate covertly on their radio while using the LEX L11. Together, these technologies are a powerful combination of communication solutions to help improve the safety of first responders and the people they protect.

– End-to-end secure mobile platform: The Motorola Solutions LEX L11 provides high-assurance security features to safeguard public safety communications. Its Secure Mobile Platform utilises a defense-in-depth approach to security, combining multiple layers of advanced defensive walls that stop adversaries from accessing mission-critical voice and data communications.

The new Motorola Solutions Capture Mobile Camera App enables first responders to easily capture image, video and audio evidence with the Motorola Solutions LEX L11 or Android and iOS-based smartphones. All content is securely uploaded to Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management solution for storage and later use. Metadata like time, date and location is automatically applied to the captured file. Tags can also be added to the file after capture from the app, or later, within CommandCentral Vault.

From the moment of capture, all evidentiary data is isolated from personal data, making it inaccessible for tampering by other apps. The chain of custody is established at the moment of capture, so devices do not need to be subpoenaed. Metadata is also added automatically to organise evidence within CommandCentral Vault.

by the Editorial Staff

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