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Murena Plus: dual digital doppler based on fuzzy logic analysis

Murena Plus: dual digital doppler based on fuzzy logic analysis

Murena Plus is a new remotely controlled digital microwave transceiver from CIAS Labs , based on “fuzzy logic” analysis for outdoor protection as facades, balconies, terraces, entrances, etc. Murena generates two different Doppler frequencies giving the sensor the ability to detect changes in the phase of the signals, which vary dependent on the position of the target and can therefore determine the distance, size and direction of the intruder related to the sensor itself.

Although the studies on this technology have had as a starting point a sophisticated technology used in the military for tracking missiles and space-related matters for the measurement of the distance of the satellites, Murena is a product easy to use for the civilian, commercial and industrial market.

An “embedded ” audio visual and a walk-test system provides the possibility, to verify the installation in terms of probability of detection, and allows you to modify the parameters settings, using a friendly and easy tool. The mechanics made by polycarbonate UV resistant, allows you to install the device in different environment conditions from -40°C up to +65°C.

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