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New fixed camera ex-proof solutions

New fixed camera ex-proof solutions

Videotec presents the MAXIMUS range of ex-proof products, that includes fixed camera solutions approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones and monitoring in highly corrosive industrial and marine hazardous areas.

A “hazardous area” is defined as an area in which the atmosphere contains, or may contain in sufficient quantities, flammable or explosive gases, dusts or vapours. Electrical apparatus for use in hazardous areas needs to be designed and constructed in such a way that it will not provide a source of ignition (no arcing contacts or high surface temperature, etc.).

These enclosures have been developped in accordance with the ATEX and IECEX directive for dust and gas explosion risk zones and can withstand the worst physical environmental challenges or weather conditions. They are constructed of the highest quality AISI316L electropolished Stainless Steel for the maximum resistance to corrosion and the harshest weather conditions. The distinguishing features are the absolute robustness, the strict accuracy in construction and deterioration through high precision machining (test and verification for each welding), the easy installation and the minimum maintenance.

These products are weatherproof to IP66/67 and offer total protection from high-pressure water from any direction, dust and the most severe environmental conditions.
They can be delivered with or without automatic day/night cameras, with 10x zoom lens and a 1/3” hi-res CCD sensor for sharp images even with light conditions as low as 0.0004 Lux.
The range includes different models of thermal cameras, for monitoring in total darkness or in the far distance, through fog, rain, heavy smoke or for fire detection tasks. The germanium window, with its exceptional features, allows the best transmission of energy from 7.5 up to 13.5μm.

This version has an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Microbolometer with a spectral band of 7.5-13.5μm; it generates a thermal video of 320×256 (PAL) and 320×240 (NTSC) or 640×512 (PAL) and 640×480 (NTSC), with a frame rate of 8.3fps or 25fps (PAL) and 7.5 or 30fps (NTSC). The high sensitivity (50mK at f/1.0) guarantees an excellent thermal vision. It supports 2x or 4x digital zoom. Various focal lengths are available, depending on the detection distances required. The wiring is made easier thanks to the removable connectors on the circuit board.

Perfectly clean front windows at all times with from the version with a wiper, including a telemetry receiver for wiper and washer activation and control of an external illuminator. A water tank with certified electro valve is also available. The WASEX washer pump is built with a stainless steel AISI 316L enclosure which guarantees excellent corrosion resistance both in industrial and seaside areas. The system guarantees complete cleaning of glass on the MAXIMUS devices.

The articulated nozzle of the pump can be adjusted in order to associate to a preset, in the desired position, the wiper and spray functions. The pump is controlled by an explosion-proof solenoid-valve which provides liquid passage and by the MAXIMUS integral telemetry or by a manual electric contact. The tank has a 10 litre capacity and can be filled with an integrated hand pump orby means of other devices depending on the user's requirements.

Equipped with heating, the housing has the same installation and operating temperatures, comprised between -40° C and + 60° (-40°F / +140°F).
Recommended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as oil&gas on-shore and off-shore applications, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food processing.

Recommended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as oil&gas on-shore and off-shore applications, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food processing.



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