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PASO: 50-year history and a promising future!

PASO 50-year history and a promising future

PASO, the protagonist of S News 67 issue cover, was born on February 3, 1973 thanks to a team of managers and technicians from the well-known Geloso, a historic company founded in Milan in 1931. From Geloso, PASO not only inherits the intellectual property of brands and patents, but above all a technical know-how of the highest value that will project PASO on the market in the following years as one of the main brands specialized in the production of amplifiers, mixers, microphones and speakers for the Public Address world.

A focal point of PASO’s evolution is the transition from a company initially focused on the PA market to a company very active in the Safety & Fire world.

For the world of Safety & Fire, PASO has gradually and steadily made fundamental part of its engineering, production and marketing activities, creating a perfect union between the historical know-how coming from the audio field and the world of security. This has led the R&D to design and obtain an EN 60849 certificate for its first VES systems, when the EN 54 standard was not yet mandatory for VA.

This far-sightedness has allowed PASO to become a leader in this sector over the last decade, amidst professionalism, innovation and constant research. The importance of sound quality has always been an essential point, even more in the world of VA where the intelligibility is a must.

In this regard, the internal R&D is always looking for innovative and smart solutions to respond and satisfy the majority of installation needs: practicality and ease of use, guaranteeing, at the same time, the compliance with the required standards with particular attention to the sound quality.

However, innovation does not involve the R&D department alone, but important investments have been made also in the factory, where automated line for SMD pick & place machines, a cutting-edge technology, leading PASO within the industry 4.0 and allowing a production in house in Italy. In fact, Made in Italy is one of the PASO company’s strengths.

Storage room PASO 50 year hisory and a promising future

Participation in the most important international trade fairs of the safety and security sector, has provided the company with great visibility also in foreign markets, within which an important distribution network has developed over time allowing the brand to gather new foreign local certifications and approvals, so as the UAE Civil Defence one finalized in 2022.

PASO 50th anniversary, source of great pride, falls in 2023 and will therefore be the occasion of special celebrations. So for the next years, we can only wish to PASO to continue its growth, corroborated by continuous R&D activities for new solutions, and to expand further the range of products dedicated to Safety & Fire, continuing writing other chapter of this story which, starting from far away, has reached the present days.

PAW Mini PASO 50 year hisory and a promising future
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