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PASO: C7200-EN, EN54-24 100 W Sound Column

PASO: C7200-EN

Paso offers a wide range of EN54-24 certificated speaker units, suitable to be used in emergency and evacuation systems. One of the main interesting speaker unit among all the models is for sure the C7200-EN 100 W sound column. Let's see in detail the characteristics of this PASO product.

The C7200-EN sound column, extremely compact and elegant, features a refined and functional design. Its uncompromising quality enables it to meet the requirements of the most demanding installations.

This speaker unit is equipped with six 4” woofers and four 1” tweeters. The cylindrical wave-front of this sound column makes for the pleasant effect of a very powerful and precise forward-projected sound, with none of the typical reverberation of conventional speaker units that excite reflections within the environment, directing acoustic energy where it is not needed.  The very narrow and elongated shape enables this sound column to fit into any environment in a very discreet manner, not invasive at all.

C7200-EN has been designed in order to obtain very precise directivity characteristics. It is ideal for installing in environments subject to reverberation, increasing the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound in order to improve the intelligibility of both music and speech. It has a powdre-painted extruded aluminium load-bearig structure. The length of the line array can be extended by adding other modules so as to increase the SPL and restrict the vertical radiation lobe.

The C7200-EN column can be configured either in the constant-impedance mode or in the constant-voltage mode by means of a line transformer.

This sound colum was developed for use in emergency and evacuation systems (VES); a thermal fuse that excludes the loudspeaker in the event of overheating and a flame-proof connecting cable (90 cm in length) are included in the supply.
C7200-EN model is certified for compliance with EN54-24:2008 standard.

Paso suggests an optional accessory, AC7200, that allows the column to be mounted on a wall.

This sound column is ideal for fixed installations in reverberant environments, it can improve both music and voice intelligibility by improving direct/reflected sound quality. It is also suitable for audiovisual applications and locations as auditorium, halls, churches and meeting rooms.

Functional features
• 2-way passive column line array.
• 6 x 100mm (4”) custom woofer with 25mm (1”) voice coil.
• 4 x 25mm (1”) dome neodymium tweeter on a waveguide.
• 4-pole Euroblock input connector.
• Extruded-aluminum powder-coated cabinets.
• Wall-mount installation bars included in the supply.
• Expandable line array.
• Standard white finish RAL 9016.
• EN 54-24 EC Certificate of Conformity.

by the Editorial Staff

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