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PASO certified speaker units: the EN54-24 family is growing!

PASO certified speaker units: the EN54-24 family is growing!

PASO, the Italian brand synonymous of reliability and quality on the emergency broadcasting, voice evacuation and congress system markets, strengthens its already large number of EVAC products with the upcoming new models specifically designed for voice evacuation systems.

As for the previous models, the new speaker units are equipped with a special protection, ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse, that guarantees the integrity of the system and the loudspeaker lines. In the event of a fire, any damage to the speaker units will not cause faults in the circuits connected.
On premises where large numbers of people are present, such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls, it is essential to provide a suitable sound-broadcasting system that, following activation by the fire-fighting control unit, will handle the emergency and enable guided and controlled evacuation of the buildings.

PASO offers a wide range of products, allowing the installer to meet the most different regulatory and aesthetic requirements.

Now let's see in detail the variety proposed by the Italian company: from the classic wall-mounting type (C34/6-EN box-type, in shockproof plastic and C406-EN, a small aluminium column) to the anti-vandal model for flush-mounting (C45/12V-EN, body and front grille in metal) continuing with the ceiling models (flush-mounting C47/6-EN, C47/12-EN and protruding models C49/6-EN and C49/12-EN, in self-extinguishing ABS UL94-V0) then concluding with four sound projectors, also in self-extinguishing ABS (the “classic” models C46/6-EN, C46/10-EN and the “Sunflower” models C56/6-EN and C56/12-EN).

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