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Paso: Feltre ice rink in the Dolomites safe thanks to the PAW system

Paso: Feltre ice rink in the Dolomites safe thanks to the PAW system

PASO, the Italian leading company on the emergency broadcasting, voice evacuation and congress system markets, has installed an audio system for both live music as well as for emergency messages management of the skating area and bleachers of the just renovated Feltre ice rink, in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

To guarantee good live music sound performance i.e. an excellent sound efficiency and good acoustic coverage of this sound system, professional loudspeakers have been installed in the skating area and on the bleachers. This is the focal point of the project carried out by PASO for the recent renovation of the Feltre ice rink.

The quality and efficiency of the sound of this installation were studied by creating an accurate electroacoustic simulation taking into consideration the architecture of the environment and the characteristics of the proposed speaker units. In fact, this simulation study did provide the actual precise parameters needed in reality of sound pressure level by using 1000 W effective music sound power for the skating rink and 900W effective music power for the bleachers.

The professional speaker units used are Paso C1100-TW (100 W) and C1200-TW (200 W) securing, thanks to their features, a good acoustic efficiency in terms of sound pressure level (dB) and, at the same time, a good audio quality thanks to the use of 12″ and 8″ woofers with dedicated horns for mid-bass frequencies and 1″ horn tweeter for mid-high ones. Another fundamental characteristic of these speakers is the UV-resistant polyethylene structure and the IP55 degree of protection granting a good resistance to dust and water jets: these are very important features in the specific context of The Dolomites. For this project, Paso design has identified four areas for the ice rink: the three bleachers, large, small and side, and the skating rink. C1100-TW and C1200-TW speakers used were positioned to make the most of their power based on the specific characteristics required of the listening area concerned.

The heart of the system i.e. the main central rack cabinet is located in the control room of Feltre ice rink and is composed by 5 boosters 480 W (model o AW5648, certified EN 54-16:2008), a preamplifier mixer, a wireless microphone and a digital mixer matrix remotely controlled via PC and a dedicated software which allows through dedicated presets to recall ad hoc settings configurations.

Last but certainly not least, the 1000 W PAW51K6-V compact all-in-one voice evacuation system, equipped with a certified control unit compliant with EN 54-16:2008 and EN 54-4 standards, in combination with the PMB132/12-V multi-zone emergency microphone unit does complete this project configuration.

The PAW system, interfacing with the smoke detection control unit of the building, guarantees the diffusion of evacuation messages through the installed speakers units securing an excellent degree of intelligibility: a must for the public safe and quick evacuation  in case of  emergencies status within this structure. Safe evacuation, because safety is our/your life.

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